Working While on Vacation

So I am in Tokyo Haneda Airport right now.

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I am on vacation–finally!


I’ve been looking forward to this trip so much because I can finally let loose and let my hair down, so to speak.

However, a part of me can’t really do that, because I’ve learned my lesson from the last time I had a long break away from work. Last time, it took me another month to get back into the work grove of my usual schedule. I can’t really let myself loose too much on this vacation because I’m going to suffer the consequences of it later.

Hence, I have brought my running gear and my computer. I am planning on running in the morning before I go sightseeing. I am also planning on blogging and maintaining my writing skills/schedule as much as I can.

Right now, I am waiting for my parents to arrive in Haneda and they won’t be here for another two hours. This means I need to kill some time.

I don’t really feel like shopping. I have to travel light so I don’t want to buy more things that I need to carry around with me. I’m not really hungry either so I don’t want to sit in a restaurant and eat while waiting. I figured I might was well do something productive so that I don’t “waste” this time. That means working on this blog.

I mean, what else can I do when I’m at the airport with a lot of time on my hands? I’ve been tempted to leave my stuff in one of the lockers and go sightseeing on my own, but what’s the point of doing that when I am going to do that with my parents for the next week?

So, I have been good and stayed put where I am, working on writing something decent and coherent for this blog.

I am not complaining. In fact, I find it very novel that I get to do this. After all, I am hoping that this will be my future life. I want to be able to take my computer and write while I am waiting to board a flight. I want to be location independent for my job so this is good practice for that future situation. Once I am financially independent, I need to fill my time with work while I travel–and I plan on traveling a lot when I get to the point when I don’t need to worry about money any more.

I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to be working while you’re on vacation, either, as long as you’re spending quality time with the people you’re meant to be with. Since I’m by myself, there’s no problem. When my parents get here, i don’t plan on spending my time glued to my computer screen. However, if there’s some down time, I’m going to try to write and keep up my blogging skills.

I debated whether I should bring my computer on this trip. After all, I will only be gone for a week. In the end, I decided to bring it along because I wanted to continue writing. Plus, since I still am on a fast from TV and YouTube, I need to fill my time besides reading, eating, and sightseeing. I know I will be spending a lot of time talking with my parents, too, but just in case I have time on my hands (like now at Haneda) I wanted to be productive still.

I am glad that I did.

Working while on vacation isn’t really as bad as it seems.

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