February Roundup

Hey, blog. It’s me. Yes, me. I’m just here to say that I’m alive and I’ve actually done something productive for the month. It’s tax season, and I’ve managed to finish both my Japanese and US taxes, hallelujah! Or, I’ve filed them electronically. I’m just waiting for confirmation that I did everything right. As usual, it was a struggle navigating through the Japanese one because … Continue reading February Roundup


Happy New Year! I have to laugh because here we go again, lol. Not only have I completely fallen off the bandwagon, but I’ve also rolled into the mud and gotten myself stuck in the muck. You guys can’t see it but I’m shaking my head at myself. Oh, well. That’s the beauty of having a personal blog, I guess I can let things slide. … Continue reading 2023


I feel like a superhero right now. I solved quite a serious problem all by myself…? Or, at the very least, I got the ball going on a very important matter. Our boiler started making strange sounds last week. They were concerning enough that even my oblivious husband noticed. Just to clarify, my husband usually doesn’t care about building maintenance issues. I’m usually the one … Continue reading Confidence

The Joy of Doing Nothing

The dragonflies are out, which means that fall is around the corner. In Japan (or at least in Hokkaido, where I live) when the dragonflies are flitting back and forth in the air, that means that the weather has cooled and it’s time to put away the swimsuits and the beach sandals. For me, though, that means I’d done with summer break and need to … Continue reading The Joy of Doing Nothing


Today is the middle of the work week. My husband and I just had a leisurely breakfast and spent an hour talking about random stuff. It started out with my husband talking about work and what his co-workers were doing today. For some reason, we moved on to discussing the differences between American homes and Japanese houses. How my parents and my sister both own … Continue reading Chilled