Five Things I’m Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Today is Thursday, November 28, 2019 in Japan. In the US, it is celebrated as Thanksgiving. In that spirit, I wanted to write about things that I’m grateful for.

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I’ve written before how gratitude is my superpower. But I wanted to re-visit it today.

It only seems fitting.

So here are five things that I’m grateful for this season:


I am grateful that my eyes are opened to this idea of financial independence. I’ve been able  to read a lot of books, blogs, and articles about it. I’ve also been listening to podcasts. All this has made realize that I don’t have to pursue a consumerist lifestyle, that I can focus on doing the things I want to do so that I can have financial freedom. The community of like-minded people is growing, but there are people still out there who are stuck in the default mode of work, spend, and repeat. I’m so glad that I’ve seen the light.


I’m forever grateful that I live in the first world, where I am living in safety and don’t have to worry about a lot of things. I can buy food whenever I want and not have to worry about where and how to get it. I have a home to protect me against the elements. I can always find a job. I have easy access to healthcare and medicine. I don’t have to defend myself against violence from other people. I don’t have to flee or protect myself from an authoritative government.

These are things we take for granted when you live in the developed world. But when you think about it carefully, billions of people around the world are struggling to meet these basic needs.

It kind of makes you feel really small for complaining about traffic or not getting paid more.


I am grateful that I’m healthy. I can move and walk on my own, not confined to a wheelchair. I have no major disease to battle with. This alone makes me appreciate how lucky I am. I have drawn the genetic lottery by being born into a family with healthy genes and a mother who is a nurse. She made sure that her children all had healthy habits.

I can only imagine the daily struggle sick people go through. I’m including mental health here, too. My husband is one of those people. I see what he goes through and I sympathize and support as much as I can. 

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Friends and Family

I am grateful for the family and friends I have. Without them, I would not be the person I am today. I’m always thankful for their love and support. I live with the knowledge that if I have any kind of problems, there is always someone I can call or talk to. When things get rough, somebody is always there to give me encouragement. When something good happens, I always have someone to share it with. 

I realize that not a lot of people are as lucky as I am. Some people don’t have good relationships with their families, and this makes me so sad. It also makes me appreciate the bond I have with my siblings and my family. Though my friends are also far away, I love getting the occasional text from them that says they are still thinking of me, despite their busy lives.


I am grateful for my ability to be resilient. If I can be proud of anything, it’s my ability to handle difficult situations and rise above it. I’ve lived through a lot of rough times, but here I am, still standing. I think I can weather any hardship. This skill also allows me to think of ways to solve problems and not to give up easily when things get tough. 

Of course, this did not happen overnight. It took years and experience to develop this ability. I wish more people would be able to do so. The best thing anyone can do when faced with a tough situation is to face the problem head on instead of running away from it by turning to self-destructive behaviors. 


So there you have it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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