So we’ve just signed another two-year lease on our apartment. Hooray! We’ve been living in the same place for ten years. Holy cow! Ten years. It got me thinking about housing and the amount of money we’ve paid over the years, staying at the same place. Ten years is a long time. Most people don’tContinue reading “Rent”

Moving the Needle

In the previous post, I talked about taking a big step toward financial independence by buying property. It took me years to actually build up the courage to jump on this idea. I have the capital already, it took me a while to become comfortable with spending all my hard-earned savings in one big move.Continue reading “Moving the Needle”

Tiny Houses

Recently, I have been obsessed with tiny houses. I constantly watch videos on YouTube that take you on a tour inside these homes. Some of these homes are really tiny. Some houses are luxurious, with various additions that make you go, “Why do you have that big-ass refrigerator in such a tiny kitchen?!” Living inContinue reading “Tiny Houses”