Recurring Payments

Ugh. I am chagrined to say that we have been suckered into committing into recurring payments. After the last blog post boasting about not wanting to get involved with installment payments, my husband went out and got himself an iPhone 8. Karma? Yeah, it likes to bite you in the ass. Alright, I didn’t buy the phone, but hubby did and it was a lot of money. My … Continue reading Recurring Payments

Credit Cards and FICO Scores

The other day, I got an email from CreditKarma, which is a website that monitors your credit score and credit activity. I live in Japan, so I really have no use for it, but I’ve always prided myself on my excellent score. I may not be good at handling my money, but the one thing I did right was using my credit card wisely. I … Continue reading Credit Cards and FICO Scores