New Leaf

Woah, it’s been a while!

And here I was thinking that I wanted to be more consistent with this blog.

Unfortunately, I think we’ve all learned during the last three years of this pandemic that things just don’t always go the way we’ve planned.

I had good intentions, though. I had plans to post a useful article once a week, on a certain day, and then slowly increase the frequency to twice a week.

But like I said, things just didn’t work out as planned. I got caught up in life and the daily stresses that afflict most people. My good habits got replaced by bad ones. I added new routines that made it difficult to focus on the things I really wanted to do. I got distracted easily and let my attention wander away from the more important tasks that really needed to be done.

I also had a new schedule to deal with, and I struggled with finding peace in my new situation. And actually, this is still a daily effort. I am constantly up and down and trying to come to terms with what to do and how to go about doing it.


This is a new month, and it’s June. This means that I celebrate my birthday and my wedding anniversary, so that’s a good enough reason to start blogging again—I guess.

I always try to find the positives in whatever situation I’m in, and I want to focus on that. Since it’s still June, that means I still have time to to work on my goals.

For the rest of the year, my plan is to just slowly plug along with my main goal in life, to reach financial independence. It doesn’t matter if the pace is glacial. What matters is that I am creeping towards that goal. I can sort of see and envision again what I want for the future. These last two years, that ideal life had been really hard to imagine.

But I am back now and doing my best to play this game called life.

Let’s see how this round goes.

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