500 Words

I’ve been doing good so far with blogging. I’ve been really consistent so I’m really proud of myself.

I’m guided by the goal of writing at least 500 words a day, if I can. Ideally I would like to journal this much everyday when I can, but it’s just impossible with so many things to do. Right now, I am getting ready for a very busy and important week for work. I am also focusing on getting back in shape and hitting my fitness goals, which taking up a lot more time than I expected. Then there’s the usual stuff that needs to be done to run mine and my husband’s life.

So yeah, there’s a lot to do–now.

But I hope that once everything settles down, I will be able to write more and do it every day. I’m not really sure whether I can be that consistent because I know that I have periods of high motivation and productivity that gets nullified by periods of laziness. When these moments hit, I find myself making so many excuses to avoid opening up my computer and typing something.

Hopefully, though, I can bust out a decent journal entry or blogpost of 500 words. To me, the word count isn’t really that daunting. The goal is to just continue writing, to be consistent, so that it becomes easier. This is to help me develop habits so I can finally devote myself wholeheartedly to writing the book I want to write, and also to develop some good habits with my blogging career.

So far, it’s been really successful. I like that I seem to be able to write faster now. Ideas are flowing and it’s become easier to organize my thoughts. Sometimes, I just keep on writing and I suddenly look down and see that the word count has reached 600 or maybe 700.

When you’re guided by a muse, you just write.

However, I need to work more on editing and making my writing more concise and not as wordy. It’s a double-edged sword because I want to hit the 500 word goal, but to do that, I fill up the pages with unnecessary words and phrases. I still need to learn how to do that. Again, I like that I’m learning about myself through this daily writing practice.

Still, the main point is to get a process going. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s okay for now because it’s working. I’ve been able to hit some kind of consistency and I’ll just continue writing as much as I can every day. As I write, I will work on the editing process, as well. I can only hope to get better at both skills.

Although, I think right now, I am out of words to say.

Today, my word count is 458.

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