The Personal, Not the Finance

Is it bad to admit on this personal finance blog that recently, I have not been thinking about money?

Honestly, though, I could care less about the finance part of my life. Instead, I’m focusing more on the the personal side. I’m more concerned about my family, or my sister in particular, who is still working to care for Covid patients at her hospital. I am livid that people still ignore decrees to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. If these idiots gather in places with other idiots and get each other sick, I just wish they wouldn’t seek treatment. They’ll just put the burden of their irresponsibility on the healthcare system and the people who have to deal with their stupidity.

There’s a lot of anger inside of me for these particular assholes, but I’ll put that aside for now. That’s not the point of this article.

An artist’s rendering of the Great Depression bread lines

There’s lots that’s been going on in the news that’s keeping many personal finance bloggers and podcasters busy. The crazy happenings with the stock market are begging to be analyzed. There’s lots of concern with retirement accounts and how to handle the huge dips we’ve all suffered. Trying to make sense of stimulus checks and unemployment statistics is difficult and will take time. How does one budget on reduced incomes?

I could write about all that, but I’m not. Like I’ve mentioned before, I seem to be spending my time thinking more about the aftermath of this pandemic, because there will be life after coronavirus. I’m still hopeful that we’ll all be okay. If we’re not, though, I’m making sure to spend time with family and friends through video conferencing. I just want to make sure that I can get in touch with as many of my loved ones and let them know how much I value them.

A symbol of hope: The Occulus and the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero

I’m scared about everyone dying alone, without anyone around to comfort them during their last hours. For me, that’s a very real thing because I’m in another country and probably won’t be able to make it back in time.

It’s depressing stuff, I know, but if you’re not confronted with your own mortality during this time, when would that be? Our family conversations recently have dipped into the scarier parts of life, like wills and powers of attorney: conversations we’ve avoided before but now we can no longer ignore.

I’m well aware, though, that me being able to not focus on the money issue is because we are in a better position than most people. I’m not saying that to brag. That’s just how it is. My husband and I are lucky enough to work for companies that still provide some kind of care for their employees, even if I might be just hanging by a thread at this point. It’s still better than others. This is why I will forever have an attitude of gratitude.

Again, what this all boils down to is to clarify what’s really important in life: it’s not the money, it’s the people.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

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