Short post today. I am still reeling.

Whelp. March was brutal, and I’m not talking financially. Personally, I had to take a step back from blogging or anything online related. Every time I logged on, I just kept seeing how horrible it was getting in the US. I looked at the red dots on the US map darkening, and I worried more and more for my friends and family back home.

I am from New Jersey, and my family is concentrated on the East Coast:

From Reuters. That red concentration in the Tri-State Area is where my family and friends are.

At this point, a friend is infected. Another friend is a doctor, who is pregnant. Plus, my sister is a nurse working in the intensive care unit of the hospital. She’s told me she’s in charge of four Covid-19 patients. So far so good, she’s doing okay. Both my brothers have co-workers who were infected. They shared workspaces. One of them is quarantined. The other is considered an essential employee: he works for a company that makes the parts for ventilators. My parents, both immuno-compromised, are in the Philippines unable to go back home to the US, even though they were scheduled to go back next week. Most likely, they’ll be able to go back when things are settled down sometime in the summer. Right now, they’re better off where they are. If they went back now, they’ll just be jumping in right into worst of it.

So it went on and on.

I was just flooded with worry and anxiety every time I heard from others. Other than texting, phone calls, and video calls, I tried to stay away from news. It was just terrible.

In all that time, I hardly cared about my finances. I’m grateful that’s one less thing to worry about. My husband and I are both okay financially–it’s just we’re more focused on helping out family and friends instead.

Thank god for small mercies.

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